For those who would rather visit pristine surroundings than being swamped with modernity, Chhattisgarh is the ideal place. Bounded by hills to the north and south with a fertile river plain in the middle, the state is largely agrarian and its inhabitants tribal. With the total cover of around 44% under forests (12% of India's forest) which is about 60,000 sq km., the state is rich in endemism. A type of silk known as Kose is typical of the area and designers and weavers prepare colourful garments from it. Theatre, music and dance though rustic, are quite different from any that one may have encountered elsewhere. Visit this state for Ancient Caves, Fairs & Festivals, Hill Stations, Indias Finest Waterfalls, Nature untouched picturesque places, Temples and Tribal Culture and Wildlife.
Place To Explore
Raipun Rajim, Sirpur - a 7th Century Laxman Temple made of bricks stands here, Bilaspur-Ratanpur-Malhar-Achankmaig Tala, Bhilai, Durg, Kawardha, Bhoramdeo, Sheorinarayan, Khairagarh, Bastar - one of the best places in India to see tribal culture, Jagdalpur-Chitrakote-Tirathgarh-Kanger Valley National Park-Barsur-Kutumsar Caves


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